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remembering fragments, shouting truths & crying lies

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Norfolk, Summer 2020

I am driving across the Norfolk Broads, brooding with daydreams of all the ways I have flooded. I tell you to put on that David Bowie...

Milfields Park, Spring 2020

You go outside to call your ex-girlfriend, whilst I cut your old foam mattress with a bread knife to make it fit your new bed. I want to...

Breasts, mine

I am just realising that all those years you sucked on my nipples were like a constant pulling of the trigger. The gun of a thousand past...

London, spring, 2012

It’s been about a month since we got married and the whirlwind of chaos that bought that day has taken drastic turns. You’ve lost your...

Costa Rica, all seasons, 2001.

We are young. Always arriving early, staying late, making deals, never leaving. We’ve rented a circular hut. A single room with no...

Spain, spring, 2017

You picked me up from the airport in that tiny green car, weird shape, mum car. I don’t even know why you’ve got it in Spain. We’re meant...

Berlin, summer, 2006.

Knowing the price of my flesh; a tank of diesel, thick & heavy like your body. It is this thing I can never escape but in this moment has...

London, sometime between 2011-13.

You’ve turned your sofa upside down and painted eyes on it. You dont think its talking to you, but you do think it’s protecting you from...

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